It was a week of medical offices and health concerns as our daughter suffered a concussion after being hit in the head not once but twice as she performed on stage. We are watching her closely, and we thank you for your good, healing thoughts.


It was a week of storytelling, as The Engineer and I attended the annual storytelling festival in Jonesborough, TN where I did what so many of you do: stitched, answered questions from inquiring onlookers, and handed out cards to those who were interested.

It was a week of weather as Hurricane Matthew teased, taunted, and tormented the coasts of Florida, Georgia, and South Carolina. Even though some members of The 70273 Project tribe are still without power as I pen this post, I are relieved and grateful that so far as I know now, nobody was injured.

It was a week of visits as I have now been contacted by people in 95 countries.


It was a week of receiving mail. Thanks to the generous compassionate creativity of:
Margaret Andrews (MO, USA)
Kelly Beman (NH, USA)
Jackie Batman (ON, Canada)
Monique Rans-Gregorie (Nivelles, Belgique)
Laurie Dunn (PA, USA)
Colton Dunn (Laurie Dunn’s 3 year old grandson)
Jerrod Dunn (Laurie Dunn’s 5 year old grandson)
Steven Dunn (Laurie Dunn’s 8 year old grandson)
Sophia Holdren
Jessie Holdren, Jr. (Laurie Dunn’s 21 month old grandson)
Marlesa Dunn
Debbie Burchell (ON, Canada)
Thomas W. B. Hough (ON, Canada)
Monica Denison (ON, Canada)
Ian Jeffrey (Debbie Burchell’s 4 year old grandson)
Ava Jeffrey (Debbie Burchell’s 5 year old granddaughter)
Chelsey Burchell (ON, Canada)
Christina Cromwell (ME, USA)
Margaret Williams (GA, USA)
Pam Patterson (TX, USA)
Kitty Sorgen (WA, USA)
and me,
437 more people were commemorated this week, bringing our block count total to 4816


It was a week of surprises. Thank you, Laurie, Colton, Jerrod, Steven, Sophia, Jessie, and Martesa for the lovely decorated shell and the angel wing!

As we move forward into Week 35 (can you believe it?!), please remember:
~ There’s still time to collaborate on blocks with me. (postmark by 10/31/16)
~ And there’s still time to make blocks with your siblings (postmark by 11/30/16)
~ We are aiming to have all 70,273 blocks in my hands by the end of October 2017.
~ To help spread the word by sharing links to blog posts, sharing posts on Facebook, and encouraging others to find out more about The 70273 Project around one of these water coolers:

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Thank you all for your continued support of The 70273 Project and your efforts to commemorate the 70,273 who died, celebrate those who live, and educate all who will listen.

Now go have yourself a good week, why don’t you.