Boy howdy. Being out of the studio for 2.5 weeks really puts a girl behind. It put me behind behind. I’m still struggling to catch up, but I do (finally) have some numbers for the week ending last Sunday, 6/26/2016.

Number of blocks in hand: 1714

Remember that Kitty Sorgen set a goal of 2000 blocks by Monday, 7/4, and remember that we still have blocks to be counted for this week that ends on 7/3. This is the mail that’s come in so far this week, and we have 2 more mail-delivery days. So, what do you think? Will we make it?

I’ve heard from people in 72 different countries.




I am honored to have kicked off the training day for the staff of the ARC of Volusia County last Friday morning, 6/24. They are as an enthusiastic, caring, compassionate bunch of folks you’ll ever want to meet, and there’s no doubt in my mind that, like everybody else I know who works with the special needs population, were somebody to come with the intent to harm any one of their students, they would put up a helluva fight. Room 1 on the DeLand campus of ARC Volusia County is where Nancy spends her days. I also brought home a stack of blocks made by the clients, and I’m told that clients at the Daytona campus will be making blocks to send me, too.

We have a block-making party scheduled for the afternoon of 7/19 at our wonderful library here in Cashiers, NC, and the head librarian asked me to bring some blocks and some of Nancy’s stitched drawings to go in the display case. When I took them in this week, Serenity decided she wanted more than what would fit in the display case, so, y’all, on 7/18, Nancy and I will be kicking off our very first solo exhibit! Stay tuned for more on that soon.


And last but not least, a help needed ad:
If you’re looking for something you can do with half your brain, letting the other half rest a bit, and if you have a computer, I have just the ticket. This job doesn’t matter where in he world you live, only that you have a computer and access to email or facebook messaging. You know the numbers I clip to each block? Well I could sure use somebody to create those sheets of numbers for me. I have it all figured out, so I can give you the font to use (Helvetica), the font size (14), and the after paragraph spacing (8 pt). Using this criteria allows me to make the fewest cuts, which saves me time. Anyway, I’m thinking that I can assign people who raise their hand a certain block of numbers. Y’all would fill sheets of paper with these numbers (arranged consecutively, of course), save as a .pdf, and send it to me via email or Facebook message. It’s really easy, and you can listen to a tv show in the background. You just have to stay awake enough to get the numbers right cause that’s important. If you’re willing, let me know in the comment section or send me an email. Sure do appreciate it, y’all.

Thank y’all for your enthusiasm, your investment in The 70273 Project, and for your patience as I sometimes struggle to fit The 70273 Project into what often becomes a full life. This is not how I want things to go, but sometimes it happens. I’ll catch up and do better, I promise.