Week 45 was a week of whacking off my hair, bidding the baseball cap adieu, and letting my roots shine through (which may or may not be a metaphor)
while saying, in the words of The Immortal Popeye,
I yam what I yam.

It was a week of family . . .

Calder Ray and his Great Grandmother, YeaYea

Calder Ray and his Aunt Floozie

Calder Ray and The Engineer

The Famdamily at Winter Lights at the NC Arboretum

The famdamily bags a tree. Story to follow separately.

a week of food . . .

Making cookies

He likes toys

and he likes ribbons

but sweet potatoes off his mama’s plate? Not so much.

It was a week of appreciating,
of laughing,
of singing, dancing,
and taking long walks . . .

and sometimes of sleeping . . .

Aaaannnnndddddd . . .
for all of you in the Facebook 70273 Group Campfire . . .

It was also a week of receiving blocks and cards from:

Karla Nitz (WI, USA)
Barbara Winfield (MD, USA)
Caroline Rudisill (TX, USA)
Jill Hagemeier  (IN, USA)
Susan Molina (IN, USA)
Paul Koby (IN, USA)
Pam Patterson (TX, USA)
enough to bring our block count total to . . . 6699!

Just look at that number, y’all: 6699.
You can turn it upside down and have the same number!
That’s gotta’ be a sign, right?

It was also a week of pondering and percolating
as I plan for 2017.
And oh what goodness is in store,
so be sure you subscribe or join or follow, follow, follow
so you don’t miss out.