in the fall of 2005, my daughter started a community theatre company, The Twilight Theatre. the people who were going to help her on the top level, turned out to be less than honorable people, despite their public facade of being devout church goers.


i became involved to help my daughter grow her dream – a dream that was just plain too big for one person to grow. as the years have ticked along, others have stepped up to help in big ways – people who are dependable and responsible and honorable, so my role has been divvied out in parcels, but i’m still here. still involved.

though she prefers performing, moxie (my daughter) is a gifted director, and last weekend she proved it once again when the musical oliver! opened to great reviews. though not in the (huge) cast and not involved nearly as much at the show level as i have been in years past, i came onboard for the past 3 weeks to help out with all the details that can easily eat up 14 hours or more every day. details nobody thinks of until and unless they are not tended.

this week between shows, i get my feet back under me (even though another big musical, annie get your gun, started rehearsals last night and there’s another small children’s show opening in 2 weeks, those don’t eat up as much clock – at least not right now) and rejoin the world.