she had reached
that certain age
where it seemed
to those who had
known her for a long time
that she was of
two mouths
and it often seemed to those
on the receiving end
that the mouth in the back
of her head
was full of
jagged, razor-sharp, uncensored teeth.

it didn’t take long,
as it turned out,
for that toothy, cheeky,
big ole’ mouth
with the prominent overbite
to become
her favorite
way to communicate.


maybe it’s because my daddy worked in a rock quarry,
maybe it’s because i collected rocks as a kid,
maybe it’s because i’m plum nelly crazy.
whatever the reason,
i see stories in stone.
stoneiatures, i call them.
if you’d like to see the context,
the complete photo,
come right this way
. . .

(yes, there are more stories here. stay tuned.)