it makes no sense, but here i am. at the new place. in the new digital digs.

we moved (now i’ve switched to physical shelter) earlier this year – didn’t mean to, we just stumbled onto this little piece of heaven and, well, it captured our hearts and we moved . . . something i really hope i never do again. i mean, really: where did all that stuff come from??? and i’m no packrat, but good gracious there was a lot to move.

getting everything from one place to the other and unpacking wasn’t a bit of fun, but nesting. oh, how i do love nesting. and maybe that’s why i wanted a new digital home in spite of the fact that moving wreaks unbelievable havoc and eats up an unbelievable amount of clock.

see, i have this keen craving to slow my life down to a saunter instead of race; to live every day as though i’m on vacation; to explore things that interest me without bothering to even try to explain or justify or apologize that they might be a waste of time or non-productive or illogical . . . and that is precisely what i’ll be doing here: auditioning things that interest me just because they interest me and pursuing them until my attention is captured by something else. what i really want/intend to do is take the leash and muzzle off and let my barefoot heart romp, traipsing through briars and across soft mosses; skipping through open fields and finding my way through the dark of forests. maybe it’s hormones, maybe it’s the whatever-year itch, maybe it’s just time.

and so i shall. though i will continue to honor my responsibilities, today is, in oh so many ways, my independence day.