today procrastination is consuming my energy and attention. consuming, i tell you. it’s hard work, this procrastinating. but it’s not without its benefits . . .

had i been doing that other work, i never would’ve come across this, for example, and thus would not be able to lay claim to being the first in my neighborhood to have wigs for my kittiepies.

and i ask you: had i been busting butt all day, would i have been able to oz myself? i will, however, roust myself out of this state of inertia later tonight to begin packing my bags and practicing my carefully timed thank you speech for when i accept that academy award. i’ll betcha they convene a special awards show just for moi. it’s inevitable once my people talk to their people.

while visiting over at, i saw this and could not stop myself from thinking how i know some people who could learn a thing or two from this little squirrel who’s willing to work hard for food.

okay, kids. i’m worn slap out, so i’m gonna’ watch a little law & order then drag myself to bed. procrastinating is exhausting.