the woman who blogs before you is not the same woman she was on 11/30/2009 . . .

while strolling through the internet late last year, i came upon something called #best09, and when i saw that it was a month of daily writing prompts, i immediately figured out how to sign myself up. i had a blog, but the vacancy sign was on more than it was off, and for the last 31 days of the year, i wouldn’t have to think about what to write about. what’s not to love about that?

my daddy died on 12/2/2000, you see, so like #best09’s creator, gwen bell, this time of the year is tender for me. i flounder. i hear constant whispers telling me that i need to be doing something more, something significant. i grieve and chide myself about not being over it yet.

#best09 would be my sparkly distraction that would get me through the annual grief. it would give me focus. well, i’m here to tell you: it did that . . . and so much more.

participating in last year’s #best09 changed my life.

after spending years preserving other people’s stories, i took time to remember some of my own. after carrying around book ideas for so many years, I am writing them. after despairing that one day soon i’d open my mouth to speak and see dust flying out, i am digging into stimulating research and collaborating with other women on programs that i hope all will find life-affirming, life-altering. after resigning myself to spending the rest of my life on a day-in/day-out humdrum basis, i am making time for doing things besides cleaning up cat vomit.

through my participation in #best09, i discovered writers that continue to up my game. i connected with women who share my interests and enrich my life daily. i am delving into research that keeps my creativity sharp and my brain supple.

i’m now a permanent resident on twitter, where nobody runs the other way when i call spend 5 characters calling them “sugar” (comma makes 6), where i walden with friends every chance i get, where i laugh, cry, and cheer daily without the stigma of neediness or nerdiness.

this year gwen changed the name from #best09 to #reverb10, gave the event its own site, took on some rockin’ helper bees. there are changes, sure, but the essential core of the event remains the same. starting tomorrow, hundreds of us will come together as community, reflecting on what has been and reverberating what will be. we will meet people whose presence in our lives will make us better people. we will discover things about ourselves, and we will write like we’ve never written before.

we will bear witness to each other, and our lives will never be the same because of it.

if you’re looking for something to write about (wink, wink), perhaps you’d like to join us.

(you can thank me later.)


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