my querencia (spanish for a place where you feel safe, at home, protected, invincible) is here:


and here


and here:


oh, and here:


but perhaps my #1 favorite querencia is here:


that’s right: the shower.

it’s not much to look at, but i like to call it home as often as possible.

it’s there i can relax and

wash away all the day’s dirt and dreariness.

it’s always 5:00 in the shower

where i can sit on the ledge and

and do my best thinking

with a glass of wine or a martini.

in the shower, i can be totally alone.

there’s no phone – just running water

to drown out the sounds of the day around me.

besides the car, it’s where i do my best (and loudest) singing.

i can be totally alone there.

the cats don’t like the shower very much,

the dog can’t open the door,

and my kids are old enough to know that if they wander in,

they’ll go blind at the sight.

the story is mine, but credit for the kindling goes to gwen bell and her best of 2009 blog challenge.

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