i try to remember to bless

even the crabbiest, scattered, distracted and inattentive people –

really i do.

everybody carries around

their stories of glory

and their stories of grief.

i know they do –

know it, i tell you –

and i have every intention of

blessing them.


saturday night in the emergency room

(and all day sunday, too)

i remembered to bless

all the people who bathed us in

positive, loving thoughts and messages.

i remembered to bless my friends

who asked

“do i need to come?”

and the friend from high school

who sent me a private message

containing only his cell phone number.

i remembered to bless

my children

and my mother

and my sibs

who checked in just enough

but not too much.

i even remembered to bless

the dog

who met us at the door

when we got home.



saturday night in the emergency room

i forgot to bless

the 2 year old who obviously

hadn’t gotten her nap in that day.

i forgot to bless

her parents

who settled into recliners

and let her run around

playing with the hospital computer

and talking to the other people,

also tired and sick,


(except possibly the 2 year old)

eager to get home.


i forgot to bless

the technician who was surprised to hear

that he was about to draw blood

and repeat the test

some 4.5 hours ahead of schedule.


i forgot to bless

the nurse who seemed surprised to hear

that she wasn’t supposed to draw blood

from the port they’d inserted hours before.

and i forgot to bless

the obviously ADD


who came to draw the blood

(at the appointed time)

and was surprised that she’d forgotten to bring

about half the things she needed.

i forgot to bless

the admissions people

who were surprised that we’d slipped right through their cracks,

meaning that some 8 hours later,

we had to do the entry paperwork

so we could do the discharge paperwork

and leave.


and for a while

for a short while

right when we first got to the emergency room,

i forgot to bless my husband

who hadn’t told me

that he’d started taking

blood pressure medicine

about a month ago.


it’s monday now,

and i’m thinking

that blessings don’t have

a shelf life

or expiration date,


so maybe i’ll just post-bless them all –

even the ones i’ve already

blessed repeatedly –

and i’ll start afresh

and again

to remember to bless





no matter what

adjectives i attach to them.


(well, almost everybody.



i don’t think i’ll ever

be that good.)