nature’s crayolas: orange, yellow, purple

still drenched in color week, making my way through the crayola box called nature.



wednesday sent us in search of oranges and yellows . . .



sunset blazing



sunset amazing



sunset waning


today, we were on the lookout for purples . . .



aunt rene’s azaleas live on and bloom, just like memories of her

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  • emma

    I look at what you see and I so badly want to escape to where you are. The photos are gorgeous and only capture the beauty, not the angst of this week. Ah, to be devoid of angst! Thank you for being here, particularly in this week of all weeks when you could so understandably stay away. xoxo

  • Kathy Loh

    Lovely photos and I love the poetic nature of your presentation – Sets me to dreaming of the names for the many sunsets I've shot. I even live on Sunset Lane. There's a reason they named it that. Nature and her crayons…way outside the lines and I like it like that

  • whollyjeanne

    oh my emma. how i do love you.

  • whollyjeanne

    thanks, kathy. that's quite a compliment coming from you, the photographer. still enjoying the new camera, i hope. always a pleasure, sugar.

  • kelly

    So glad to see you joined the party and! I love the sunsets, a fabulous grouping. And purple, always my favorite…sigh

  • Jennifer Prentice

    Beautiful pictures, Jeanne. The last one reminds me of some of the nature photography my mom used to do… and being reminded of my mom is always a warm, pleasant thought. Thank you for sharing!
    PS- Which beach is that? Somewhere in NC, I suppose… which also warms my heart!!!!

  • Dian Reid

    beautiful, beautiful, beautiful, my friend. a little late in getting here, but oh so glad i did =)

    you have me on the lookout for crayola colors in my little town today…xoxo