people never cease to amaze me in their generosity and willingness to help those in need. what happened in haiti is beyond the scope of my imagination, and the myriad of ways people are offering assistance to haitians is near-overwhelming. small businesses, entrepreneurs, individuals, corporations, and non-profit organizations are stepping-up to help, and they need your donations. as you go through your day, pay close attention. do you wear glasses? there are people in haiti who need glasses. when you put your shoes on, think about all the people in haiti who are without shoes. when you get a drink of water, remember that haitians get thirsty, too. diabetes, heart conditions, developmentally-delayed people, children, and the elderly are segments of the population holding parts of my heart. what are the things you and those you love need to survive daily? there are people in haiti who need the same things – things they are not able to get right now. this is by no means an exhaustive list*, but if you’re looking for ways to help, here are some opportunities you might want to check out.**

there are small businesses and entrepreneurs who are giving of themselves:

  • kelly diels, the crackerjack writer of the blog called cleavage organized and motivated the twitter troops to donate what they have. read how you can join the cause and/or scroll on down to go shopping from the vast buffet of people who’ve donated their goods and services and help yourself while you help others.
  • aidan donnelly rowley is donating $2 for every comment left on her blog. (this from danielle la porte, author of the blog called and just so you know, danielle donated the proceeds from one of her fire starter session. no small thing – the donation or her work.)
  • my friend, lindsey, is donating $2 for every comment on her blog, a design so vast left between now and monday morning, january 18.
  • update: another creative, multi-talented friend, kate is donating the proceeds from an herbal consultation.
  • update: and congratulations are in order for our alana who’s pregnant! she’s researching how to respond to the call for breast milk.
  • update: for a limited time, artist bryce widom is donating $15 from every purchase of The Return or Liberation prints.

to donate much-needed medical supplies, visit:

to provide assistance specifically for haitian children:

if basic needs (food, water, shelter, sanitation) is your thing, here are some options:

perhaps you’d like to help with shelter – transitional shelter, permanent shelter, and/or community shelter:

they need clothes in haiti:

  • shoes: everybody needs shoes, and if shoes are you think, here’s where you need to go.
  • alana reports that sports chalet is collecting shoes through january 31. they’re asking for gently-worn shoes that they’ll ferry over to soles 4 souls, but if you can’t bear to part with your shoes that are already broken-in, buy some to donate.

non-profit organizations are collecting and delivering various items of need:

other compilations of donation options:

  • on his blog, guy kawasaki lists 20 ways to help. (via my whipsmart friend, amanda at (just so you know, i was already working on this list when i learned of guy’s list. there may be overlap, but i didn’t copy off his paper.)

* i have no firsthand knowledge or experience with these organizations, so check them out and use your own good sense before contributing. i am receiving nothing in return for mentioning them here except the knowledge that i am doing what i can to help people who cannot help themselves right now.

** if you know of other outreach opportunities, let me know and i’ll add them to the list. i will be updating as needed.

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