we traveled above the clouds

but not in denver

so i can’t blame the altitude

and the temperature is quite comfortable

so i can’t blame the heat

dry or otherwise.

and i have a lot to do,

but none of it is here with me

my cell phone doesn’t work here

and we don’t really know that many people here

or belong to any clubs or organizations

so there are no social obligations requiring my time and attention.


so as far as i can tell

i have no excuse

no discernible, easily recognizable reason

for running on empty

coughing up dust

seeing cobwebs.


i’ve got nothing

right now.

nothing, i tell you.

i’m trying to finish up a couple of pieces

but can’t quite get theref

can’t get to that satisfying “yes”.


i’m shining

the proverbial light

down into the depths of the proverbial well.

i’m writing

even though the words lack oomph.

i’m stitching

though the result is a foreign language.


who knows why this sometimes happen

times when you can’t buy a creative idea?




thank goodness our scarlett was right:

tomorrow is indeed another day.


and maybe tomorrow

i’ll just whip me up a beautiful fitted


from some curtains.


oh wait,

we have no curtains.


another one bites the dust.


see what i mean?


guess there’s nothing to do

but go have some ice cream.


using the biggest spoon i can find.

that should do it.