a vase i gave myself
years and years ago
sits next to
the glass nib
that my son gave me
years and years ago.

my daughter gave me
the inspiration candle
years and years ago.
it rests on a plate
that asks
“why not take responsibility or your greatness?”
a gift my friend laura gave me
years and years ago.

i found the two stones
said to enkindle creativity
on a nature walk i took
years and years ago.

my constant companion phoebe,
a gift our children gave us
years and years ago,
stations herself at the windows
to keep
trespassers and intruders
at bay.

the painting in the background
that makes me smile and remember
important things
is something my husband gave me
years and years ago.

today i started writing a book
i first imagined
years and years ago.

sometimes it just takes a while
for everything to come together.

or maybe i’m just a
late bloomer.