Maybe you want to invite friends, family, and/or neighbors (but not people you saw on the post office wall – that would not be a good idea) to gather for a block-making party. Or maybe you want to volunteer to do a program for your group meeting one month, and tell members about this project then invite them to make a block right then and there. Or maybe there’s a local bazaar or something happening near you where you could set up a table and invite people to make a block on the spot. Blocks are not difficult to make. However and wherever you gather, here are a few things to keep in mind:

Things You’ll Need to Have On Hand

~ Ample supplies of white fabric precut into the following sizes: 3.5” x 6.5” (9 cm x 16.5 cm); 6.5” x 9.5” (16.5 cm x 24.2 cm); and/or 9.5” x 12.5” (24.2 cm x 31.8 cm).

~ Red materials with which to make the X’s. This could be red ribbon; scraps of red fabric; red buttons; red beads (requires special needles); red pens/paint (just be sure it’s okay for use on fabric and follow the directions because some pens and paints require heat setting after application on fabric); etc.

~ Red thread

~ Washable glue sticks for holding things in place while stitching down NOT for permanent attachment.

~ Pens (for completing the Provenance Forms)

~ Staples

~ Safety pins

~ Plenty of Provenance Forms because you’ll need to send one for each participant

Tips on Gatherings

~ Places to gather include local libraries, churches, schools, community centers, your living room, or senior centers.

~ Music and refreshments are optional.

~ Use a safety pin to attach each submission form to the block(s) made by each person in attendance. (It’s okay to attach multiple blocks to one Provenance Form, provided they were made by the same person on the form.)

~ Take plenty of photos of the event and send them to me for use on the blog. (Best to ask to make sure that the people in the photo are okay with this.)

~ Print a supply of the info cards. Using their camera or cell phone, take a picture of each person with their completed block(s) then give them an info card, and encourage them to email me the photo, a brief bio, and their social media links. Maybe you can even get them to do it before they leave, because we all know what happens to even the best of intentions when we get home . . .