Today I am blank.
Not as fill-in-the but
just blank.
I need an umbrella
Something to hang my interests under
A cause
A central theme
I crave a word.
A single itty bitty word
that tells you
who i am
and what i am about.

If i had
my word,
I am creative enough
to twist
and turn,
to wrap any story
and any experience
and even any question
right around it.

I would make clothes
out of that word.
My house would
utter that word
in every nook and niche.
That word would bloom
in my garden.
It would trample weeds
and sing me awake in the morning.
That word
would be my jungle gym
and my ticklebug.

But I haven’t a word.
Not a single word.


Maybe tomorrow
Or the next day.