Someone once said you can accomplish anything you want as long as you don’t care who gets the credit. Because that’s not how I go through life, I say Bunk to that. Provided you give me permission, whatever you contribution(s) (and please don’t feel the need to limit yourself to a single means of participation!) you’ll be given credit every way I can think of – and here’s what I’ve come up with so far:

~ Your name (complete with all the links you want to send) will appear on the Team 70273 page of this blog.

~ If you contribute blocks and/or help finish the quilts, your name on the label that is permanently attached to the back of each quilt. The plan is for the label on the back of each quilt to include a drawing of the block arrangement on the front of the quilt with each block numbered and each artist’s name listed with the corresponding number to further identify which block they contributed.

~ The quilt labels (complete with names and block charts) will be reproduced on paper and laminated to be placed beside the quilts when exhibited.

~ You will be included in any published book that comes into being.

~ You will be mentioned in any books or booklets accompanying pieces in exhibits (as exhibit space permits).

~ If submitting more than one block, every effort will be made to make sure that your exposure is increased by placing only one of your blocks on a quilt. In other words, if you send 10 blocks, I will do my best to se that your work appears on 10 quilts.

~ When you participate in any way, you’ll receive a colorful, shiny digital badge ready for you to display on your web site or blog or social media profile pages.

~ Need I mention the satisfaction you’ll feel for doing something good for people who will never even know your name?

~ And last but not least: my deepest gratitude on behalf of myself, friends and families of the people who were murdered, and the 70,273 people we memorialize who’ll never be able to tell you thank you to your face.