spent the day stitching and searching for something to bar the cats’ access to the downstairs guest quarters. something that doesn’t make me angry every time i see it, but makes me smile instead. something that doesn’t block the light, making a dark house darker (and consequently harder on my emotions and attitude). something that looks creative, not contrived.

as we poked around my favorite shop in asheville in search of Just The Right Thing, i felt perched on the verge. felt like if i could get rid of all these dreaded paperwork projects, reports, tax forms, printouts, filing, scanning – that kind of thing – i’d burst through and tickle myself with the fresh perspective and rollicking ideas creativity brings. but rightly or wrongly, all this paperwork feels like an anchor, and it doesn’t dampen my creativity, it drowns it.

so i’m honoring my self by hanging the Be Back Soon sign on my altar, taking a few days off to wrap things up. if all goes according to plan, i’ll be back thursday, 1/19, and when i get back, i’ll have a few new threads to weave into the fabric we call #365 Altars. in the meantime, maybe you want to go visit other folks who are participating in #365 Altars, make some new friends, see the amazing ways women are honoring their deepest sumptuous selves. roam a bit, drop some comments, send out some tweets and notes on facebook. and be sure to add your blog to the list and use the hashtag #365Altars on twitter and tag 365 Altars in your entries so they’ll appear on the 365 Altars facebook page.

i’ll see you thursday.

if not before.

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